We are Polish Beard, all natural and 100% bearded products brand. After years of delivering highest quality Oils and Balms to respectable beards all over the world we are ready to present You with our patent pending formula using amber oil and medieval monastery herbalists traditions to ease Your skin and give Your  beard full, smooth and nourishing finish – polish.

Join Us We're Adopting Honeybees !

We all know how important Honeybee is to our environment. New biodiversity report from WWF is not promising for around one milion spiecies! We'are trying to do our part in saving the one we treasure the most. Nor pancakes with honey nor honey glazed ham nor Polish Beard would have been possible without The Queen and her swarming workers. For those and lots of other reasons Polish Beard is dedicating chunk of its profits to honeybee adoptions

Balm keeps my beard fresh and in place for the whole day. Gives nice softness and leaves hint of a scent. Nice!
Got a tin of Amber as a gift have been using it since. Dig the smell and smooth feel.